size: 60 x 70 cm

acrylic on canvas

story: Lily, the magical butterfly in pearlescent Purple & Blue, comes with a message:

“I am Lily, the bringer of transformation and grace. Just like my gentle wings hold such strength and vulnerability, beauty and sheer textures, I am here to remind you of the full spectra that YOU hold within and without! I come with the message to BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF and care for the magick that you are. There is only one you, become all that you are and allow the transformation to flow through with ease. Every breath is a celebration of utmost precision and devotion to life and all lifetimes. Can you imagine the wisdom you have access to? Try your wings my love, fly and you shall see that there are new adventures ahead.”

1 195 SEK
Butterfly Lily by atelier Desirée

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