Mintakan heART

size: 50 x 50 cm

acrylic on canvas

story: Pearlescent Shades of Turquoise & Purple, hold specific elements and activations from Mintaka. This place, in the Orion constellation, is the origin of many starseeds walking the earth right now.

“The hearts of Mintakan souls are sacred treasures. Mintakans actually inhabit two hearts – one that is human and one that is of light energy. The hearts are identical, sitting on opposite sides within the ribcage. They work in unison and are connected by an infinity-symbol that lies as a sacred energetic contour. If you’ve ever encountered a person with a Mintakan heart, you’ve probably seen a star-like quality to their way of being, as if the spark in their eyes and heart radiates from their very essence. A Mintakan heart is a sacred treasure, that is nurtured by creativity, beauty, magick, presence, devotion and freedom. If you win a Mintakan’s heart, they’ll be in your life for infinity and you’ll forever be changed by the treasures they initiated within you…”

1 195 SEK
Mintakan heART by atelier Desirée

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