Fairy Pegasus

size: 100 x 100 cm

acrylic on canvas

story: Lucy, the magical fairy pegasus, in pearlescent shades of Pink, Purple, Silver & Blue, speaks:
”As of light, I am born at dawn. I come to you with luminosity, to bring the message of eternal clarity and unconditional love. Every time you se the glittery and shimmery parts of me, know that I am a reflection of the magic within you. As I am here, I remind you of your inner light, the eternal flame that is you. I say to you, stay wild, stay lit, stay unique, for I see that there is grandness ahead. Your pearlescent tears have unleashed your magic and expanded your visions, there is a new depth of wisdom in you beyond the common realms…
Therefore I come to you, to empower your TRUST, for I know from where I see, that your vision is clear.”

4 295 SEK
Fairy Pegasus by atelier Desirée

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