Eye of Mintaka

size: 65 x 90 cm

acrylic on canvas

story: Original art piece in pearlescent & iridescent colors. This piece holds specific elements & activations from Mintaka, a place in the Orion constellation, where many starseeds on earth originate from. Light codes & energy emit from this channeled piece 24/7. There is a whole galaxy within your eye. It guards your infinite star portal, the door that takes you beyond time & space. It is a sacred eye, a cosmic & wonderful vision of magic & truth, reminding you of the freedom your soul naturally holds. It can also transmute anything it lays its gaze on! This mintakan eye comes with a reminder: you are always watched over & protected by your original mintakan folk. Their laser-star-focus pierce through any & all illusions. Trust what you see in your inner star-portal, for it is holy & destined.

2 895 SEK
eye of mintaka

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