size: 40 x 100 cm

acrylic on canvas

story: Mintaka is a place in the Orion star constellation, where many starseeds on earth right now originate from. This piece, in pearlescent shades of Blue, Turquoise, Green, Purple & Pink, holds specific elements and activations…

“There is a star, a planet, a realm if you will, that rests in the hues of pink and turquoise, lilac, silver and gold, soft and neon, glitter and iridesence…it’s natural frequency is unconditional love. This place is called Mintaka and is based in the Orion constellation. The textures and sounds, the layers of magic, are nothing but a dream: it is nutrition for the soul to bask in these frequencies. This painting was channeled as a vessel and portal, to access the deepest and most expansive parts of unconditional love: follow the lines, get absorbed in the texture, rest in the pearlescent hues…it is a meditation all on its own and will invite more light in your every-day-life.”

3 295 SEK
MINTAKA by atelier Desirée

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